About project

This ezo project was chaotically put together while we had online school and everyone was asking themselves what would happen next. What will happen to us? The answer was clear – ask tarot!
Tarot accompanied me through life for a few years now at times when no one would expect it. Found at customs in an abandoned package, in the form of earrings hanging from the ears of a young lady at Stalin, or on the bed of a cat lady in China… but when I need them most, they can be found at home in a drawer. That’s why I’ve decided to create this mobile oraculum to never ever have to be left hopeless.
Big thanks to: Terka Starková for her patience with making decisions and for maybeee taking this tarot project to another level (just wait!), big big thanks to Ezo Emily for explaining every single meaning of every tarot card to me and special thanks to Alex Hayes and Tuan Trieu for correcting and polishing my english translation. - Pája

Illustrated these cards and designed the web site. She wrote all of the texts and then rewrote them again and drank a lot of tea in the process. She’s an intermediately experienced prophetess.
Coded this web and gave advice with the technical stuff. He’s new to cartomancy, but every card he has picked was a great one – so far!