Reading tarot cards is a little like telling a story. There is no incorrect way of reading them. The story doesn’t even have to have a beginning or an end. For some, the Fool might embody their annoying neighbour, others might see themselves. It’s a game in which character archetypes from the real world meet and mingle.

The deck is divided into the Major arcana (22 cards) and the Minor arcana (56 cards). The Major arcana represents the main circle of life, from the innocent fool, being the first card (0), all the way to the World card (XXI), which ends the cycle. The Minor arcana represents feelings in deeper detail. The people around you, various influences and fears. They are divided according to the 4 basic elements - Fire (Wands), Water (Cups), Air (Swords), Earth (Pentacles)

1 Card
a) the card of the day - it doesn’t matter whether it’s the morning, afternoon or evening - who cares. This card symbolizes your day - it could be your tomorrow, or any day you focus on
b) an answer - pose a question (can’t be yes/no) and focus firmly on your thoughts

3 Cards
An easy method, which is easy to remember. Pull 3 cards from the deck. The first represents the past, the second symbolizes the present and the third predicts the future. It is pretty easy to play using this method: situation/obstacle/resolution, lover/ the loved one/relationship, you/graduation/retest, family/friends/love

This method works relatively well with questions regarding relationships, but if you are interested in something else (most people aren’t), it can be used as well. You put two cards next to each other and then fold out another two on top (haha in the shape of a penis). The cards are read from the top end or the “tip” - that represents the outer world. The card directly beneath represents your inner world. The left testicle reveals the attitude of our subconscious, hopes and fears, the right testicle shows the result.

Having problems deciding?
This or that. You simply can’t come to a definitive conclusion. We can all relate, which is exactly why you should ask your Tarot. If you choose method A. then the first, third and fifth card mark your outcome. Option B. will mark your outcome with the second, fourth and sixth card. There are more options of course (A, B, C, D, and so on...)

You are on a wild ride with your fate. You jump into your imaginary junker-car and let yourself be carried away on a wave of ezo. This method is simple, if you want to know, what course your plans will take, just pull one card after another. Generally you should pull out 7 cards, but you can choose to end your journey at the card that feels best for you.

Tarot cards vs. normal playing cards
Of Course you can use regular cards instead of this tarot, but you must admit that these cards are more unique, cool and a little more expensive - But just look at those pretty pictures! Wands - clubs, Cups - hearts, Swords - spades, Pentacles - diamonds