Major Arcana
The first card of the cycle is like a smiling baby which is curiously observing its surroundings, and rolling its eyes. All while pulling your leg just a little bit. The answer is guaranteed, yes!
You have great power or talent to create, to transform, to do something for others. You can be a good mage, or evil sorcerer, use your creative abilities well. The answer is yes.
Stop and think, what the hell are you doing? This card is not a call for action, be wise and wait. Think about it. Don't be a jerk. The answer is no. Caress your spiritual self.
Woman as leader. Mother nature, a mom, who will place you under house arrest, a mom who can tame the garden overrun with weeds. A new female energy will establish peaceful order.
Money, what else? A boss of the firm, ceo, you're holding your status tooth and nail and you fight like a lion. Or your fight is yet to come. Selfconfidence, but not arrogance, be careful.
He gives order and the meaning to where there is pure chaos, he unites stars into constellations. He considers old traditions and thinks about it. This, or that? He unlocks doors, and looks for keys.
Yay! Love is love, some probably just think about what's under your skirt. But beware, it is also necessary to look at lovers as individuals, as independent companions. The answer: yes.
Not too sharp. I feel stress exuding from you. Preparation, discipline, now that's your cup of tea. When you're well prepared and you don't underestimate it, you don't have to worry about bad results. Come on!
The fire lashes from you and you roar like a lion, like an independent strong beast. To tame that lion and scratch him under his chin might help. Warning: fiery burnouts! Take a day off.
Before you can form a deeper connection with others, you have to find yourself first. The hermit is on his road on purpose. He has to experience it. Yes or no? You already know the answer.
Transformation and balance must occur. If one area is lacking, it must be balanced out elsewhere. No one is at the top or the bottom forever. Change, possibly a new love? Nothing stays the same 4ever!
So now the consequences of your actions will catch up. It doesn't have to be just a hangover, whether moral or physical. Gain karma. Have a clear conscience. The truth will come out!
He's upside down, so he sees the reality differently. Either eversely, or in a different light. He should realize that he's in a different position compared to the others. Watch out.
Change!!! Every ending leads to the new beginning. The form is changing, the ice is melting, if you broke up, it was the right choice. Maybe it's time for change. To take out the rubbish is a great start.
Balance your strength and if you have more, share with others. Understand, make compromises. He wants red, you want blue, the result is purple! Stay calm and don't be silly. Patience. Don't push so much.
Hello, there is a problem, which you've probably been ignoring for some time. You don't want to start, or admit something to yourself. The fire will soon turn to ashes. Clean up your room. For mom.
Damn, what a pitty. This is not a good card. Unwelcomed change, betrayal, empty toilet roll, a house of cards collapses. At least you can now build more stable foundations.
The light from a dream that leads you through hopefully. It shines on your hands and helps you find your place. Do you, ehm, just asking, do you have a crush on your teacher?
Subconscious and internal dialogs, emotions and debates at the family table, maybe clues in your dreams. This card delves into the past, perhaps something is bothering you.
Warmth, summer, shorts, chill, don't forget to use the sunscreen! Don't be afraid to get excited, this card is lit. It shines into the future and the answer is unequivocally yes!
It's time to make the final decision, chop it up. The last hour is coming, the announcers are already blaring their trumpets, others want to know!!! The card can also examine the question of faith.
Absulotely everything. The whole world lies at your feet. Everything is unified but at the same time an infinite amount of possibilities present themeselves. Everything fits together. The answer: yes!
Minor Arcana
The scepter with which you can cast a spell. A project, an idea, you have the enthusiasm, passion and taste and you can smell spring in the air. Manifest. Your eyes are burning. Are you excited?
Plan which way your path will lead. Self-discipline is now your new middle name. Remember, what you're doing it for. Before you go shopping, make a list. Someone can also join you.
Small victories, you've crossed the first bridge. The mild initial despair after overcoming the first obstacle is here. Don't give up now and go kick their asses!!!
A ceremonial victory, you've come a long way. Mission accomplished. There will be an award, some sort of celebration, I know, it comes as a surprise, but maybe even a wedding! It's a positive card full of gratitude.
The first conflict is on its way. Your project or relationship grows, others' oppinions are adding up, a lot of people bullshitting, it's kinda complicated. Take a breath and consider all advice.
Hey you, can't you just stay calm for a second?! You are now over some kind of conflict, fight, and so it is necessary to rest a little and appreciate the beauty. Find yourself a time.
You're fighting with yourself now. Inner conflict, contradiction, annoying, right? Believe in your own abilities, zigzagging around problems, that's easy peasy. Hard times!
It's been a long way. Something has been a drag for a while, as if you were walking in the woods and couldn't see through the trees. Now, take another breath. As Katy Perry sings: Roarrr!
Your project can work quite well without your constant attention, even your love life is at its ideal point. That's why you have to keep in mind, that you still have to keep trying. Care about it.
It's done!!!! You are a leader. Boss. You've finished what you've been working on so much, so now what? Great responsibility. Think about whether you can handle it all by yourself.
New inspiration! Childish enthusiasm shines in your eyes and sexy pink glasses sit on your nose. Now is the time for action, before you start questioning it (is this tattoo really what you want, haha).
The knight rushes passionately into action. You already have lots of skills and experience under your belt and can continue to growing. Time to shatter that glass ceilling.
Positive energy. Under the rule of this queen all shall bloom and shine. She is smiling at her surroundings. Nobody wants to take her throne, even those in the dungeon love her haha.
Looks like you're someone's role model. You influence people around you, so watch out. Influencer vibe! How can you think you can best inspire others in a good way?
Minor Arcana
Before you take sword in hand, a small problem appears. Do you know how to fight with a sword? This is bad, man. You could cut yourself. Don't do things you know nothing about too hastily.
You can't see where you're stabbing, you're blinded. After all, you know it. When you learn a new thing you immediately think you are a champion, but you still have a long way ahead.
Aaa. Betrayal. Heartbreak. Murder!! Bullying. Ugly words, see. This card is a warning. Be careful and at the same time think over if it's not you, who's here to blame.
Put down the weapons and take a rest. Take a break from it. Recharge your energy, eat a ton of chocolate, watch a whole season of that one silly TV show, and reflect on your experiences.
You're like a little kid, but what did parents always say since the dawn of time? "The wiser gives in", and "let's sleep on it". A battle is coming and it's not good and it won't get better. Hands off.
Get over it. It's time to keep going, leave it behind and try to take a new direction. Nostalgia, fear of change, fuck that. The advice: break up if it's not nice eeeeh. Pardon me.
You are building a wall, there's something you want to hide from. Are you running away? Evenings when you text your homies you can't come while you sit at home eating your third sandwich. Is it worh it?
You're hiding and covering your eyes up. You don't see anything and therefore you don't even know what is really going on around you. Yes, not everyone is a knight in shining armor. But damn it, grow a pair, dude!
Don't hide under the covers, don't be a crybaby, maybe it was too much for you, but no one cares! That's life, come on! You can do it, make a cup of tea with honey and start again.
After so many bad things, you have the worst behind you. Oof. The peace you have now will soon come to an end. The whole problem will come to an end. Calmly wait for the execution.
Freshman energy, you already know some tricks you can flex with. If you act with the purest intentions, you could really lean into it. Well, just don't worry, come on!
Man, everything goes well, either you're now a really experienced player, or you've learned to handle it like a real tough bastard. Play fair, this game is played fair.
So, she really doesn't give a rats ass. Pardon my french. She's not afraid, she can overcome everything and anything, she can tame everyone with only a frosty look, with perfect elegance.
You already know you don't need a sword to win. Lay down the weapons and find a better solution. The king can step away from strength and use diplomacy. It's easier, than it seems.
Minor Arcana
Emotions are starting to bubble, a source gushing to the surface. Do you have a crush on someone? Or is someone being a real drag! Either way, the feeling slowly spreads through your body.
Imagine a meerkat falling in love with a penguin, their enclosures in the zoo are very far away from each other! There are big differences, but it is possible. Love makes the world go round.
The party is in full swing, you are holding a glass of wine (it's a box wine, but you don't mind) and there is a lot of people! Nozzle, celebration, a lot of communication, not too fun for introverts. Disco!
You're sitting still like a stone, your glass has overflown. For the first time something went wrong, your routine is starting to become boring, you're losing your will and everything seems foggy.
For a long time you've been slapped around, you get hit, but you got used to it, it has become a habit. You're almost comfortable by it. You need to cultivate some courage, it can't keep going on like this!
It's time for action! Enough suffering! The song „Eye of the tiger“ is playing in the background and you suddenly have the strength to help your neighbors with shopping, your little brother with his homework and you might even wash the dishes at home!
Seven deadly sins, insincere escapes from reality. You are avoiding something and in the proces you created your very own happy alter ego. Don't ignore your problems. Do your homework!
You are walking on the ridge of a mountain, the wind blows and there are no trees or shrubs around to catch on. Your thoughts are all jumbled. As the Beatles sing: Le it be.
Look, something's going to happen. Or it's already happening and is inevitable, you will have to cross that hill when you get there. It will leave a memory you'll fondly remember.
Dad is mowing the grass in the garden while sneezing from the allergies. Mom is embroidering patterns. Sister is shouting „Look, omg, a rainbow!“ Coffee and cake. Absolute wellbeing and peace.
You're holding back emotions. That is nderstand- able, words - difficult. Yeah. But try writing everything down on a piece of paper or communicating your feelings by pantomime. Bring what you feel to the world.
So this guy in the picture, he already knows whats up. He reined in his emotions and now he gallops on them to meet his happy future. You can do it too.
You're sitting alone in the bathtub wasting water others need much more than you. But it is so warm and comfy! You're in trouble. Hug someone, don't worry to ask for a big bear hug!
This card says: you are a fighter. If your emotions were to be translated to the language of computer games, this card would mean you have reached your highest lvl. And you have +1000 XP!
Minor Arcana
The door is open for you, a way to something dazzling. It's a little scary. You don't know what is behind them. A new job? New people? Some new idea? This card advises you to go through the door of opportunity.
You're good at juggling. Up and down and around, it's like riding a rollercoaster. But don't forget, life is like smokers. Whoever has tobacco, always offers it. Sharing is caring. And those who don't have it, they won't reject it.
And here it is. A new project, new job, new opportunity. Perhaps you're looking back, you're doubting yourself for you're playing with the thought of packing it up, but this tarot advises: work, bitch!
You hold your bundle of happiness, you guard your treasure and no one will také it from you. Money, that keeps you grounded. Money is there to be spent, so share it ha!
„Well, that's exactly why you're not doing too well. I've said it!“ Doesn't it remind you of anything? Getting dumped, bankruptcy, getting the axe, failure, not good. Don't worry, it'll get better.
Consider properly if it's time to ask someone for help. Or to help somebody else. Charity is a great thing, sort through the wardrobe and share. Invite friends over for dinner. Thank more.
Start saving. Saying plainly, the time has come. Even if it's only one coin a day. Plant a seed and let it grow, také care of it. After all, you know it will come in handy.
Even cacti should be watered once in a while, you know. Everything needs to be cared for. To be nurtured. If you want to achieve something, you have to work on it. Work bietchhhh!
You've already saved some money, so now is the time to spend it. You can finally reap what you have sown. Observe what's going on around you. Vacation!!! A pair of earrings! Another vinyl from Graffneck!
Your potential is fully developed. Promotion, leader in a project, suddenly you are a little above the others and you can advise them. You became an OG! Now is not a time for change. Keep it.
All naive pure energy, enjoyment, hope, it's out now. New job, gift, opportunity, idea, offer, project, loan, talent... this card advises: Hell yeah! Do it!
You use your money pillow like an armor and you think you will hide behind. Not at all. Is it worth it? It is really worth it? You give in more than would be good. Calm down a little.
Pregnancy? Eee? Creative energy revolves around your chakras and the union of femininity and natural perception form a fertile environment. Plant a flower, it won't die this time!
He's a swagger. He can walk on his hands, legs, head and yet he won't fall. He's a rapper, cool. He has a bull! Or at least the strength of a bull. An experienced dude, he's been through it all.